This Changes Everything. aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and NFTs to unlock the full potential of digital art, real estate & metaverse assets.


Borrow Against Your NFTs platform

Deposit SOL/USDC and enter into a loan contract to earn interest.

Put your NFTs and Metaverse assets up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their NFTs.

The platform plans to integrate with Metaverse projects and NFT marketplaces, allowing for instant loan requests.

The platform plans to allow ERC-721 projects (like Bored Ape Yacht Club) and Metaverse-based virtual property to be used as eligible collateral.


How the Platform works

Peer-to-Peer Borrowing Model

Step 1

The borrower puts up their NFT as collateral for a loan and receives offers from the community.

Step 2

If the borrower accepts a loan, the collateral gets locked in a smart contract and the borrower receives funding. The borrower's interest will be added to their total loan amount.

Step 3

Repay or paydown at any time. Once your loan is repaid, the NFT will be released from the smart contract and transferred back to you.

Step 4

When a loan is issued there are no mandatory payments required, but interest will continue to accrue. If the borrower doesn't fully payoff the loan by the specified term then the collateral will default to the lender.

Instant Borrowing Model

Step 1

Deposit your NFT and instantly receive up to 25% of the time-weighted floor price. There are no time commitments in which you need to repay.

Step 2

Paydown, Payoff, or Borrow more at any time. Once your loan is repaid, the NFT will be released from the smart contract and transferred back to you. If the value of the NFT increases during the life of the loan, you can instantly borrow more to a max 25% of the time-weighted floor price.

Step 3

The loan is perpetual meaning that there are no time limits to repay. However, if the NFT's LTV ratio exceeds 75% at any time it will appear on a claim page where anyone can claim the collateral by repaying the loan balance in full.

Lending USDC for Yield

Step 1

The lender either deposits USDC and enters into the NFT-USDC loan contract or deposits USDC in the USDC pool (related to Instant Borrowing).

Step 2

The lender automatically accrues interest in real time.

Step 3

The lender is able to see their original balance and earned interest.

Step 4

At the end of the P2P contract term the lender is able to withdraw their deposited USDC, plus any earned interest. If lender deposited USDC into our USDC pool (related to Instant Borrowing) then the lender can withdraw their USDC at any time with no lock-up period.

In the physical world when you buy real estate you are able to borrow against that value. In the metaverse, once you buy decentralized you have no way to unlock the value of that digital asset. Users have been spending millions of USD to purchase virtual land. Our solution allows people to unlock the value stored in digital art, real estate & metaverse assets.


Total Token Supply

Future Endeavors
25% (4,194,304)

Liquidity Pool Supply
25% (4,194,304)

Founders and Team
25% (4,194,304)

Platform Emissions
25% (4,194,304)

Stake a Pixel Panther to earn pPIXL our Pre-IDO Tokens.

Why Own a Pixel Panther | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse?

Earn pPIXL Token

Begin earning our pre-IDO utility-governance token, which will be swappable to PIXL token upon launch of initial coin.

Benefit Financially from the Platform

Stake + Deposit 1 USDC into our pool to be eligible for a dynamically adjusting interest rate on your 1 USDC deposit which is based on the platform's net interest income.

Grow with the Platform

Pixel Panthers | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse holders will benefit financially from the growth and scale of | Borrow Against Your NFTs! The platform plans to boast a full suite of innovate products centered around our main mission of Fueling the Integration of DeFi in the Metaverse.



November 2021

The idea was formed, the Website created and the Team is formed

December 2021

Whitepaper Release

January 2022

Website Revamp

April 2022

Pixel Panthers | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse NFT Launch

July 2022

Stake NFT and earn pPIXL our Pre-IDO tokens as yield


Borrowing against your NFTs under our Peer-to-Peer Model.


Borrowing against your NFTs under our Instant Borrowing Model


Borrowing against ERC-721 and Other Metaverse NFTs

Launch Phases

What's Done

  • List token and garner decentralized liquidity using Atrix’s permissionless double dip farm being paid in pPIXL our Pre-IDO token emissions.
  • List on DEXs (decentralized exchanges).
  • List on CoinGecko.

What's Done

Pixel Panthers NFT | Co-Own a Bank in the Metavese - Sold Out in ~1 day!

  • Pixel Panthers co-own a Bank in the Metaverse, vote on the direction of the | Borrow Against Your NFTs! platform, and will directly benefit from the growth of the platform. Explore the collection.
  • Launch staking for the Pixel Panthers NFT

What's Planned

  • Launch P2P and Instant Borrowing using NFTs as collateral
  • Cross-chain support and future products to go live with the sole intent to fuel the integration of DeFi into the Metaverse

Buying a Pixel Panther Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse

How To Buy Pixel Panthers

MagicEden, is your destination for discovery, self expression, and ownership across digital cultures.

HyperSpace, NFT Marketplace, Aggregator, Launchpad, Portfolio Tracker, Realtime Floors.

Solanart, The first ever NFT marketplace of Solana. Buy, Bid & Browse all Solana NFTs with unique instant liquidity features only on Solanart.

CoralCube, Solana NFT Marketplace & Aggregator at Solana speed.

The Collection

Pixel Panthers | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse


Benefits of Pixel Panther


  • Stake your Pixel Panther and deposit 1 USDC into our USDC pool to unlock the full benefits of owning a panther.
  • Holders will be eligible to receive a dynamically adjusting yield on their 1 USDC deposit equivalent based on the overall performance of the platform.
  • Holders will be eligible to receive our pre-IDO token pPIXL.
  • Total eligible yield stacks proportionately with how many Pixel Panthers you have staked.

The displayed chart is used for demonstration purposes only.

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